Our Environmental Policy & Commitments

The Business acknowledges and is committed to taking the necessary care and responsibility to prevent all forms of environmental damage. We recognise that everything we do in the day to day operation of our business could impact our environment in a detrimental way.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Policy

The Environmental Management System model is based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001.

The main aims of the EMS are to ensure compliance with legal and other requirements to ensure that the aspects of the activities, products and services do not have undesirable environmental impacts.

The management Team will ensure that the system complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 and will continually improve the effectiveness of the EMS whilst taking positive steps to prevent pollution of our Environment.

The Management Team undertakes to fulfil its legal, regulatory, community and other duties by taking all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise harm to the environment that may be cause by our Environmental Aspects.

The EMS will provide a framework for establishing and reviewing measurable Environmental Objectives & Targets, which will be used to achieve ongoing improvement in relation to our environmental aspects, impacts & performance. These will be documented as our objectives and targets in the Environmental Plan.

The Management Team will ensure that the policy and procedures continue to be appropriate by initiating regular reviews to check ongoing effectiveness and relevance, ensuring that the system is documented, implemented and maintained.

The EMS Policy will ensure the system is effectively implemented by communicating the requirements and responsibilities clearly to all employees, and ensure relevant skills training is completed with appropriate environmental awareness training

There will be regular reviews of environmental needs, and the system will initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these needs whilst also improving general system performance.

The company also undertakes to notify the relevant authority in the event of a major environmental impact that causes harm, or has the potential to cause harm, to the environment.

General Purpose

Specialised Cleaning Products Pty Ltd (the “Company”) recognizes that protecting the environment is essential for sustainable business. It is committed to running its business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner.  The Company’s ultimate aim is to ensure that its operations have a minimal harmful impact on the environment.

The objective of this policy is:

• to set out the Company’s initiatives with regard to environmental protection

• to educate the employees and raise awareness of the environmental-related issues 

• to encourage employees to actively participate in activities aimed at improving the Company’s environmental performance

• to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations


This policy applies to all the employees of the Company. The employees of all levels must comply, participate, and cooperate in their best endeavours. 

The Company also encourages its suppliers, business partners, and where applicable, its customers, to respect the practices outlined in this policy, and improve the environmental performance of the Company.


The following highlights the key initiatives that the Company will implement across the business:

☑  Monitor and control the consumption of energy, water and natural resources
☑  Monitor and control the production and disposal of waste 
☑  Reduce travel where possible or choose low carbon options
☑  Identify, assess and control environmental impacts related to the Company’s operations.
☑  Ensure that all the employees are aware of the policy and and are aware of actions they can take to reduce their impacts.
☑  Comply with legal provisions and conform to applicable environmental standards.


Full NameDesignation
Troy SpinkCEO

Our office at Specialised Cleaning Products will be responsible for the overall implementation of this Policy and shall:

(a) report annually on the environmental performance of the Company;

(b) identify the areas of improvement; and

(c) set new environmental goals for the Company


We aim to ensure all employees of the Company to be made aware of the provisions of the policy.

An annual training session will be held for all employees to ensure they have sufficient knowledge and competency to assume their responsibilities and are able to participate constructively in relevant activities.

For more Information

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact your human resources representative at Webster

Revision of the Policy

This policy was last updated on 1st September 2021. The Company will update this policy regularly or as required to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

Specialised Cleaning Products, SCP Australia Pty Ltd

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