We love Innovation!! Especially when it comes to products that are cutting edge, environmentally friendly and of course Australian made!!

“Pro Blue” is a new generation cleaning range formulated with biological actives such as Pro-Active Bacteria and Enzymes derived from Bacteria.

The “Pro Blue” range has been prepared from select ingredients that have been carefully chosen to maximise both ecological and operator safety.

“Pro Blue” probiotic cleaners utilise bacteria- these bacteria are designed to break down soil deposits and out populate other existing bacteria that give off unpleasant odours.

The beneficial microorganisms in ” Pro Blue” probiotic cleaners continue to work long after application. Any waste matter that you are attempting to clean, or is generating an odour is actually “food” for the microorganisms. These bacteria are living cells that have an appetite for waste. They digest their waste by generating enzymes-complex chemicals that convert proteins, fats and other waste into simpler substances that the bacteria can digest.

Probiotic based cleaners continue to work long after the product has been applied. Probiotic based cleaners contain beneficial bacteria that penetrate into tiny imperfections and pores where persistent dirt hides.

All products in the ” Pro Blue” range are biodegradable, septic safe and grey water water safe. Using naturally derived surfactants, live bacteria and bacteria derived enzymes you can feel safe knowing you are being environmentally responsible and creating a healthier environment.

The ” Pro Blue” range includes Total Bathroom Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner, Odour Destroyer, Floor Cleaner, Laundry Powder, Prebiotic Hand Cleaner, Portable Toilet Sachets and Urinal tabs.

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