Women's Mountain Bike Program

The Sunshine Coast Council has announced a new ‘Get Out Get Active’ mountain biking program specifically for women. The Council has partnered up with both Women on Wheels (WOW) and Go Girl to promote the hobby of mountain biking throughout the female community.

Women On Wheels is an organization that focuses on helping women gain the most from their vehicles whilst also learning and developing skills to ensure that they remain safe at all times. The company offers free community workshops which enable women to learn skills such as how to jumpstart a vehicle and how to change a wheel, helping them become more independent and self-reliant if they find themselves in an emergency situation. Likewise, Go Girl is a women’s riding group that specializes in organizing a number of mountain bike rides and group activities that help women and girls of all agesimprove their mountain biking skills.

In teaming up with both organisations, the Sunshine Coast Council has developed a ‘Healthy Sunshine Coast Women and Girls’ program which focuses on promoting the wellbeing of the female community and actively aims to get more women participating in the sport. The partnership works to strengthen the empowerment of women throughout the communityand provides them with necessary off-road riding skills.

Whether you’re an experienced mountain biker or you have no prior knowledge of the activity, the program begins by introducing basic biking skills that will eventually lead up to being able to start mountain biking independently.

The 6-week long program is located within the Sunshine Coast, will run from April 17thto May 24th, and costs a total of $66. Bike hire is included in the cost of joining and participants will also receive a one-year membership to Mountain Bike Australia. The program offers a choice of two groups, by the end of which women will be confirmed members of either the Caloundra Off-Road Circling Association (CORCA) or the BushrangersMountain Bike Club.