Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

John Holland Pty Ltd has been awarded with a $225 million construction contract for the development of a new runway for the Sunshine Coast Airport. The project is currently still in the design phase but the further production schedule has been outlined and it seems the construction phase will soon be underway.

The idea for the project was introduced as a result of the continuously evolving attraction that MarcoolaAirport has been receiving. The airport, which has been operating for over 55 years, is located in a region that continues to grow. As a result, it was found in 2007 that the current runway constrains the available airline services that the airport offers.

The project will be focused around constructing a new runway 2,450 metres long and 45 metres wide within the existing airport site. The project is also going to focus on including the construction of drainage channels, enhanced LED runway lighting, and biodiversity offset areas. Upon project completion, it’s predicted that there’s the potential to annually attract up to 2 million passengers to the Sunshine Coast.

There are also a number of different social and economic benefits that the airport expansion project is expected to offer the region. Whilst there have previously been a number of concerns expressed regarding environmental impacts that the project could have, the Environmental Impact Statement was approved May 2016 with the assurance that efforts will be made to minimize any and all negative impacts.

It has since been revealed that an expected 2,230 full-time direct and indirect jobs will be generated by the year 2040. Along with this, the project will be adding around an additional $4.1 billion into the economy of the Sunshine Coast following its completed 2020 construction. Not only does this mean that we can expect to see an improvement in the overall state of the economy, but unemployment numbers are also expected to drop due to the new workplace opportunities that are being created.